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solutions for manufacturing industries


State of the art to compromise between capacity & flexibility…..

FELP Assembly technologies with calibration, air testing, eddy current and other integrated applications staring from low capacity (benches and benches lines) up to 1800/2000 pcs/hour.

Possibility to choose between pneumatic or electrically driven units.


Engineered to extreme rigidity and virtually maintenance free…..

PICCHI Transfer, transfer from bars and working centers, hydraulic, hybrid and CNC controlled up to 6 axis (X, Y, Z, A, B, U).

Possibility to carry out super finishing <Rz4 integrated in the machine or as external stand alone unit automatically fed.



Increase the capacity of your dpt. with a reasonable investment…..

PIETRO CUCCHI Bar loaders for lathes and tooling machines for ONE, SIX, EIGHT or more spindles.

The products range foresees models with bar stabilization devices to increase the tooling capacity of the lathe or economical version entirely dedicated to the feeding of the bar. 



The most gas permeable cores on the market…..

BIANCHI Foundry machinery: core forming machines with HOT BOX system using ureic and furanic resins.

The newest generation of machines foresees important mechanical improvements and new automations aimed to increase the production capacity.


Simple and practical machines that simplify human jobs…..

GARBOLI Metal finishing, grinding, deburring and polishing machines for round and square pipes, tubes, bent pipes, flat surfaces and metal sheet.

Wide range of accessories to better suit all the customers’ technical necessities.



Their skills are confirmed from the European labs…..

GIUSSANI Laboratory test benches for faucets, thermostatic faucets, cartridges, headwork, valves, fittings, pex pipes, flexible pipes and shower heads.

Supplied with or without cold and hot water generator the benches are suitable for standards compliance verification and products development. 


Can’t get properly treated parts? Don’t worry ask to the specialist…..

ITF range of superficial treatment includes washing, degreasing, pickling, phosphatization, powder spry painting with polymerization furnaces and hydraulic burring (for automove industries).

The washing technologies cover a wide range starting from drums for single machine to fully automated channel systems.




Never ending machines, this investment last forever…..

Mechanical and hydraulic hot forging presses for brass components. The production range includes a wide section of optional and automations.

Innovative hydraulic and silenced sub-press and fully hydraulic cn controlled press.



Reliable and efficient, refractory materials of first choice…..

Chain or Push furnaces for brass, bronze and aluminum for hot forging presses.

The wide range of models and options foresees also a pushing device that automatically emptying the furnace channels avoiding the billets’ hardening consequence.


No equals in the market for experience, range and pat. Solutions…..

TREBI Robotized islands to remove runners, burring, grinding and buffing for aluminum and brass parts.

Also available for specific applications in self contained cells with automatic tool change.




When it comes to reliability and speed there are no competitors…..

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION Automatic flash removing islands with vision systems, capacity up to 2.200 pcs/h.

Automatic robotized loaders for tooling machines with vision systems, insensitive to the environmental light changes.




The experience in foundry can be found here…..

STUDIO TECNICO MAS Machines for gravity casting of non ferrous metals such as Brass and Aluminum.

Various automations for foundry.




A solution for any possible multiple application…..

OMG Fixed multispindle heads, Variable axis heads, Twin spindle milling heads, Turret heads, Angle heads, Adjustable joint multi-spindle heads.





The RUVECO® process allows removing in a simple, efficient and economical way the lead from the surface of the brass. Products treated with this process fully comply with the new NSF61 appendix F limits of lead release in potable water. The washing process can recycle the liquids and generates little and easily disposable mud.




The T.E.A.® process substitute the traditional Nickel-Chrome electrolytic plating, with a stable hardness at high temperatures of about 400 Vickers.

This deposit is in compliance with the worldwide standards for potable waters, in particular with NSF61 appendix F section 9-ph5 hot commercial.



RUCOS Rubber contact wheels for grinding technologies.

The production foresees Rubber wheels, Expanding Rubber wheels, Expanding Rubber drums, Pneumatic wheels, Silicon wheels, Vulkollan – Sponge – Cotton wheels and Polyurethane wheels.

Customized products available.



EFFEBIESSE Zamak die-casting for Lighting, Furniture, Household appliance, Pottery and Faucets industries.

The rich faucets accessories line foresees in the standard parts levers, handles, supporting forks, elbows, domes, garden taps, single hole taps and under-sink taps.



ITALFIM Expanded metal mesh and micromesh for Filters, Sound-proofing, Protection guards, Suspended ceilings, Facades and parapets.





ALMAR Faucets accessories and bathroom fittings of very good quality.

In the catalogue the lines for Bathroom, Kitchen and Chromo-therapy.





Polymers injection.

VIFRA Experienced Company with a various range of accessories for Faucet, Perfumery, Cosmetics, Furniture and automove industries.




ERREGI Production of industrial gaskets according to the most commonly used world standards for drinkable water and gas. Wide range of property moulds.







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